How to Backup and Restore Individual cPanel Account via SSH

Backing up your hosting account is very necessary for your business to survive on Internet. Whether it is a small or large business, you must backup all of your data regularly at least once a week. cPanel provides some great ready made scripts which will help you make your tasks more easy. Commands such as pkgacct is basically used for backing up cpanel web hosting accounts and restorepkg for restoring cpanel accounts via the SSH or command line interface.

How to create backup of Individual cPanel Account via SSH?

Step 1: Log-in to the SSH as Root user

Step 2: Enter the following command string on the command line interface
/scripts/pkgacct username

[Note: The account backup will be created in the current directory you are in.]

How to Restore the Individual cPanel Account via SSH?

Step 1: To restore the cPanel account backups, enter the following command

/scripts/restorepkg username

[Note: In order to restore the data, you need to be in the directory where the backup file is stored.]
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